Towards Simplicity

Towards Simplicity

Living a simple life is gaining ground in society today; from the mothers who grow some of their families’ food in a backyard garden, to the employees who bike to work to reduce their carbon footprint.  We are aware of the impact our choices have not only for ourselves but also our communities and the earth.  But what does living simply really mean and how can we implement it in our lives today?  That is where we hope to come alongside you in your journey to a simple life, answering questions you have and providing practical help in order to create your ideal, simple life.

What is simplicity?

Many definitions of simplicity exist, and you will likely discover your own as your journey towards it, but simplicity can be defined as

Eliminating excess to leave room for excellence. [tweet this]

Eliminating excess

Simplicity can be achieved from where you are right now, but for most of us we will need to make changes in our lives that reflect a mindset of simplicity.  For me, the issues have been children’s toys and clothes.  I currently have two young children and it seems my house was over-run with matchbox cars and crayons.  But how much is enough?  In striving to minimize our possessions and commitments we increased creativity with the toys (and time) that remained.  It’s amazing how much longer children will play with toys when they don’t have an infinite number to choose from.

Leave room for excellence

When we eliminate things that are less than best, we can take whatever time, money or energy we have saved and then put that towards the best things in life.  Ultimately we prize people above possessions, but having fewer, higher quality items in our home can also bring with it the skill of caring for what we own and keeping us free from desiring more because we know that our current possessions are meeting our needs.


What things in your life today need to be eliminated to make room for something more excellent?   Is there a relationship in your life that is wrought with conflict and negativity?  Or perhaps your closet is filled with old clothing that you can’t let go of because you’re longing to be able to fit into it again. Holding on to things we cannot use does not bring any joy to our lives, in fact, it will bring you down as you continue to live in the past and miss the beautiful moments of today.  Take some time now to think about one thing that is unnecessary in your life that you can do without.  Your simple life awaits you.

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