Busy and stressed
Busy and stressed

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Living simply is not as easy as it may sound. It means making tough choices about where you will spend your time and money, but with continual practice it will become second nature and it will benefit you and your family immensely with its rewards, three of which you will find below.

1. Living simply will save you time

When you eliminate excess from your life it saves you both time in your schedule (reducing all the activities you need to drive to, prepare for, etc.) and the unforeseen time suckers like searching the back of your closet for that pair of jeans you know you saw there two weeks ago. Your actions will have more purpose and you will create more time for yourself for the people and activities that matter the most you.

2. Living simply will save you money

By making more thoughtful purchases you will no longer feel pressured to buy things because they are on trend. You will take better care of your possessions because you don’t have as many of them, so maintenance will be something you’re able to keep up with and actually willing to do. By taking better care of your possessions too you won’t have to replace them as often.

3. Living simply will reduce your stress

When you are not busy every moment of the day you have given yourself a “buffer zone” in order to account for the inevitable of life such as traffic or a dawdling toddler. Sure you will have moments of frustration, from these no one is immune, but because you are not constantly maxed out you will be better able to cope with these stressors and see them for the minor bumps in the road that they are.
Anything that will save you time, money and reduce stress is certainly something worth implementing in your life today.

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