The Simplicity Guide to Your Thoughts

This is a simple guide that you can use each time a questionable thought(s) comes through your mind. This guide is not meant to be exhaustive or the ultimate authority but to give you a practical workflow to evaluate the relevance and the value of your thoughts.

I hope this guide helps you simplify and calm your mind by cultivating thoughts that are true to yourself and that keep you more present in each moment of your life.

The Simplicity Guide to Your Thoughts

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5 thoughts on “The Simplicity Guide to Your Thoughts

  1. This is a great mindfulness workflow. I equate the present being a funnel and we want our thoughts to be dropped in a flow continuously. The past and the future are outside the funnel. The past and future can hold some relevance as we can reflect on experience or goals but the bulk of our energy should be focused on the present as there is continuous flow.


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