The origin of JF

Baby JF

A few weeks ago, my aunt and my uncle celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. At the party, my cousin offered a simple but powerful toast. He expressed his gratefulness for the values he was taught, including the importance of a strong marriage and the respect of others. He also extended his gratitude to the grand-parents, aunts and uncles. And I must say that I feel the same about my parents and both sides of the family.

I recently tweeted “Dream big, make it happen, but never forget where home is!” [tweet this]. But one small tweet was not enough to express all I needed to express. To me, dreaming big is important and so is home which is my supportive family and friends.

Growing up I had many dreams as all kids do. I dreamt I wanted to be a detective, police officer, a great boxer – you get the idea. But I also had dreams that most children would never dream of. I dreamt of walking, running, crossing the street on my own. As I grew up, I overcame most of the challenges and reached these dreams even though they required and still require more efforts and time from me. Other dreams were more common and realistic but still seemed impossible for me. For instance, as far as I can remember I always wanted to meet someone, date and get married. But with my cerebral palsy condition, it was sometime difficult to hold on to that dream. Sometime I’d get a glimpse of hope but nothing more. And then I met my wife, one of the greatest gift God has given me.

Dreams are not built out of thin air, they are forged by our efforts and perseverance [tweet this]. Not only our own but ones from those who support us. My mother was always faithful in helping me with physiotherapy and fighting my anxiety, my dad always played with me as if I had no handicap and my sister paved the way and showed me how to get out of the house and explore despite my fears. This is only to name few but our support system reached and is reaching beyond that including aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

I was running the other day and I was listening to an old school band “Petra”, the song was “Hey World” – even if the genre is not your style, listen to the lyrics. It really spoke to me. A few times in my life, but still too many, I thought my life wasn’t worth it. Life has challenges for everyone and it’s not always fair but life, your life, is a gift [tweet this].

Cheryl and I now dream to motivate and help others on their life journey. Please share our story and help us help others by telling us what subject you’d like us to address.

“I am here and I have something to give
Hey world
I’m alive and I am wanting to live” – Petra

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