Minimalism update -September 2014

In this video, I share my current thoughts surrounding my minimalism journey. This adventure started about 6 months ago by reading books, searching the web and stumbling upon useful articles such as 15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family by Joshua Becker. As you’ll see in the video, I share some of my struggles along with tips to encourage in your journey.

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5 thoughts on “Minimalism Update

    1. Thank-you Virna! I hope that you are finding joy through simplifying your life. Great to have you hear and hope you enjoy the blog.

  1. I found you through your project 333 post because I’ve been following that for a while. I have not committed any serious purges although my minimalist studies have changed the way I think about the power and energy that we give things. I think what I got most out of your video here would be “minimalism” isn’t about numbers or suffering. It’s about reclaiming that energy and power. Not having clothes that fit and are appropriate for your lifestyle is just suffering on the other end of the spectrum. I hope you find a source of grace that helps you deal with the guilt and share it with us!

    1. Hi Marie, Thanks for your comment. I agree that its not about numbers and that letting go of things that don’t add value too our lives is important. Yes, its about giving ourselves grace first to let go of any guilt over “stuff”. Keep tuned in for more of my journey and I’m excited to share what I learn and hear what you’re learning too!

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