How to Turn Your Neighbourhood into a Community

Building a community is not easy, even making new friends can be tough but I think it’s well worth it. In this video, Cheryl and I discuss some ways you can start building a community by simply being intentional.

Do you have experience building neighbourhood communities? Share with us your successes, difficulties and how you made it all happen!

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4 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Neighbourhood into a Community

  1. My neighborhood is one of the most wonderful communities I have lived in – everyone shares and trades and helps each other. I have been wanting to write about it for a while now. Thank you for putting the idea back in my mind!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful community to be a part of! I find it depends a lot on the type of neighbourhood you’re in (whether people have lived there for a long time or it is a street with lots of people moving in and out) but it is always worth the effort to contribute enhancing our communities.

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