Minimalist: Greedy for Less

Can a minimalist be greedy? Can a minimalist act greedy? Watch this video and find out as Cheryl and I discuss greed, one of its possible source, its effects and how we try to avoid it in our life.

Here are some resources you might find useful when trying to be more content.

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5 thoughts on “Minimalist: Greedy for Less

  1. You’ve touched on an interesting topic which I have occasionally thought about. I sometimes wonder if I am too enveloped in this thing called minimalism. Sometimes taking a step back and just being happy is the best option. Another question we can ask ourselves is how far can we go with minimalism and when does it start to harm us? Super video guys!

  2. Wow, JF, I’m SO glad you recommended I watch this video! You’re absolutely right; the message is completely resonant with the part of my SimpleREV talk about materialism for the absence of a thing. You guys are terrific; so much fun to watch. Your wisdom and joy come through as do your care for your viewers and for each other. Thanks so much for your insightful comments here at SimpleREV. I’m grateful to have met you both!

  3. I really appreciate this post. I will be reflecting on being greedy in my minimalism – I can get obsessed in ways that don’t lead to contentment or joy, putting unnecessary pressure on myself or others and forgetting to be peaceful. Thank you for sharing!

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