Minimalism: How to Make it Last

Here’s a video of Cheryl and I sharing our thoughts on how to make the minimalism movement last. As you all know by now, we were at SimpleREV 2014 and Joshua Becker gave a talk on this subject. He opened his inspirational speech by reading an article describing exactly how most of us would view our minimalism movement today, only to find out that it was written on April 8th 1991!

Looking at the late 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, it’s obvious that the movement did not last. Let’s make it last this time! Simple and intentional living is worth fighting for and promoting – share this video and subscribe!

How will you make Minimalism last?

2 thoughts on “Minimalism: How to Make it Last

  1. You guys are so awesome! Love the videos, keep ’em coming! (And great content by the way – last Christmas we bought our boys presents from only local businesses and only things made in the USA – talk about being forced to be creative!)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Good job buying gifts from the USA and local!! Cheryl and I love going to local craft shows, it simplifies our shopping for local gifts 🙂

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