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People don’t always use the word mother in a pleasant fashion. Here’s what everyone should say: Mothers are fantastic! This is the conclusion I drew after sitting a long time in the waiting room of my doctor’s office. Of course, I knew this universal truth before going to my appointment but as many other truths this one tends to be forgotten. And for some reason – probably pertaining to our human nature – mothers are the most forgetful of this, closely followed by their husbands.

So, who made me an expert?

Rather, the question should be: what made me an expert? Having cerebral palsy pushes me to take things slowly, observe, depend on people and admire those who are highly functional. For those who don’t know me (you can get a glimpse by watching our videos) , let me clarify. Despite my difficulties, I have a lot going for me. I’m loved by my family, I’m friendly and smart. I could go on but my purpose is not to boast. I only want to make two important points. First, I have high standards for myself so I’m not easily impressed. Second, I tend to forget that I have a lot going for me , we all do. That is why mothers should take me seriously.

This is for all mothers who once thought they were not doing a good job, ruining their children or simply wondered why it takes so long to accomplish a single task, remember this: you are fantastic!

Ode to mothers

So I was in the waiting room and saw four moms. The first looked happy, relaxed, carrying her baby out of the second waiting room, i.e. the exam room. In order to fill out a simple form, she had to get her wallet from a crowded diaper bag and also get a blanket which she carefully laid down for her child to sit on. The second had two kids. She looked peaceful and jolly with her infant strapped to her chest resembling a belly beneath a Santa suit. They were called in for the second waiting room, she picked up her big bag full of toys, gently took her toddler’s hand and went on her way. The third mom came into the office with two kids but it felt like she had three. She patiently undressed her toddlers and put everything neatly on the chair and in the closet, doing so with a toddler hanging on her leg. The fourth mother came out the exam room with her teenage daughter because once a mother, always a mother.

From this short account, Here are five characteristics of mothers that need to be cherished and remembered.

Mothers are busy. Your day is long, tasks seem slow and tedious, it’s normal! Dealing with kids takes time. Be encouraged, you don’t have do everything in one day [tweet this]. As a husband I admire my wife, She does so much with the kids and the house. I know things need to get done but sometimes I need to remind her that it’s okay to let go of perfection.

Mothers are patient. Whether you were patient before having kids or not, becoming patient is a must for mothers. When you feel yourself becoming impatient and disappointed by this, exercise some self-compassion and think of how many times you’ve been patient and let that resourceful memory help you.

Mothers are gentle. Have you ever seen a man dress a child? Not as gentle as could be (most men, sorry for the generalization). One thing is certain, kids love hugs, kisses and special cuddles from a mother.

Mothers are symbol of peace. The mother is the go-to person, even if sometimes she wishes not to be! In the chaos, she stays strong and calm. She can easily multitask and be efficient doing it! Based on that alone, they deserve our admiration.

Mothers are leaders. Last but not least, they daily deal with childish workers who have a hard time following directives, are not very grateful and are slow to show positive results. And they still make it work. Most of all you can always count on them!

Motherhood is a vocation. If you’re a mother, tap yourself on the back. With these character traits you’d easily earn employee of the year anywhere. If you’re a husband, ask your wife how you can truly show her your appreciation for being a mother to your kids. The answer might not be what you expect and it may be difficult to carry out but it will be worth it. And to all of you, make sure your mother feels appreciated; we all owe a lot to our mothers.

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