Learning to Let Go
Learning to Let Go

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Giving advice is often easier than receiving one and applying it! Let it go is a popular saying these days. But what does it mean? For some, it means letting the grieving process run its course. For others, it means letting go of an argument between friends or colleagues; or letting go of a harsh comment someone gave you. It also means letting go of being a perfectionist. I need to work on all of these and I hope that by writing this post, I’ll be able to take my own advice.

You should carefully reread the first paragraph because there are at least ten mistakes in it. If you consider yourself to be a great reader and writer, you should have found some by now. For those of you who are perfectionists, let me stop you right here, I did not intentionally insert ten mistakes. For the rest of you, imagine searching for these mistakes, never finding them but always wondering where they might be or if you found all of them. That is a silly example of how it feels not to let go.

I wish I knew how to let go in every context. One of my resolutions is to become more easygoing. I want to be able to let go when something from the past comes and haunts me, when the present is not going the way I expect or when thoughts of the future leave me hopeless.

Let it Go

Current view: Focus on the present. There’s a place and a time for learning from the past and plan for the future. Learn to recognize those and when it’s not, be in the present. Don’t try to analyze it, focus on your senses and be mindful (see The Simplicity Guide to Your Thoughts and The Mindfulness Guide for the Super Busy: How to Live Life to the Fullest by Leo Babauta).

Bird’s-eye view: Rise to the occasion. Last year, Cheryl wrote about How to Create a Positive Perspective which invites us to step outside ourself. You can try this: when confronted with something you need to let go, picture and feel yourself being behind or above yourself – looking at yourself. This might be difficult at first but it will help you take some distance from the situation and gain some perspective.

Balanced view: Be positive but realistic. In my opinion, extremes are rarely beneficial. Letting go of what’s bothering you might require some convincing. In that case, don’t try to turn every negative into a positive, your mind is smart and it won’t believe you. Instead, state the negative and reinforce to positive, this summarization will help accept and let go.

I guess it’s time to let you go. I hope that you and I can learn to let go a bit more this year, this way our hands will be more open to receive from and care for other people.

7 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Great advice! I am constantly trying to stay in the present, and leave the past where it is, the past. And not worry about the future. And I definitely try to let go of the bad quickly. I think it only serves to make us negative, and even bitter with time. Thanks for the great article!

  2. Hey J-F, I really like the “Bird’s-eye view” tip. I sometimes have trouble taking a step back. But when I do “look at myself from above”, some of the things I was worrying about become almost insignificant and I become much more relaxed. It’s amazing what perspective can do. Anyways, have a great week!

  3. Thanks JF,
    Another great article and just what I needed to hear at this moment. Life can be overwhelming at times and I need to be reminded to just ‘let it go’ and live in the now.
    Life is good,

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