5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the home and as such, can also become the most cluttered and chaotic. I’ve been trying out things to help keep it clean and simple, so here I share with you my 5 tips to keep a simple kitchen.

1. Clear the fridge. By removing almost everything from the surface of the fridge, it makes a much cleaner kitchen, both in the look of it and the actual surface. Eliminating cards, pictures, and calendars from the fridge can by done by hanging them somewhere else. For me, I chose to look inside the cupboards and that is where I place anything I need quick visual access to. You’re likely opening many cupboards frequently enough that it can also be a great place to put artwork or anything else that makes you smile.

2. Clear the counters. Nothing says “zen” quite like clear countertops. It is never an easy task to keep things from piling up on the counters but start by clearing off the small appliances. It may seem like a hassle at first to be taking those things out that you use every day, but consider if you use your toaster or coffee maker every day for 15 minutes, why is it hogging valuable real estate on your counters the other 500+ minutes of the day? It also makes cleaning the counters a breeze, with no appliances to move or clean around. Try to make it a goal to have 3/4 of your counters empty for the end and beginning of each day to help keep the momentum going.

3. Clear the sinks. It is easy to let dishes fester, but I know from experience, they don’t get any cleaner the longer they sit there. I have oftentimes gone to bed thinking “I’m too tired to wash those tonight” but I am never any more enthusiastic about waking up to a pile of dirty dishes needing washing before I even have breakfast. Put in the effort to clean them as soon as they’re dirty, or at the very least by the end of the day. Remember, if it takes less than two minutes to complete a task, do it immediately; you’ll be thankful you did!

4. Keep an empty shelf. Even small and multi-purpose kitchens can apply this trick, as you see in my video. Having an empty shelf makes you prepared for those inevitable “uninvited guests” in your kitchen. I love having space already cleared behind closed doors so I’m not frantically cramming things on top of the fridge, only to forget where I put them when they’re needed. Make it your goal to have some empty shelf in your kitchen, and soon you might want to apply this trick to every room in your home!

5. Limit dishes. By not having excessive plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery, you are already going to have tidier shelves. Try to keep within reach only the dishes you would need for a day or two, and keep less frequently used dishware either on a higher shelf or in another room. Also, ask yourself if you really want to keep those champagne flutes that were last used 2 years ago, or if it’s time to find them a new home. Use our Simplicity Guide to help you as you’re deciding what to keep and what to give away.

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Simplify Your Kitchen

  1. I have a nagging thought in my head about my sons first teddy bear. It’s in a cupboard at the end of my bed and has been there since he stopped using it as a little boy ( don’t laugh, he’s 29 now ). He’s probably never given it a second thought but I can’t seem to let it go. It’s not fit to donate to a charity shop as it’s very tatty but I can’t imagine throwing it in the bin. How do you part with something like this? It drives me mad every time I go in the cupboard. Thanks x

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt question. Firstly, I don’t think it is necessary to get rid of everything sentimental. I have a satin rope we tied at our wedding that I won’t ever part with, and I am keeping a small box of treasures from each of my children. The teddy bear is obviously of great importance to you, since you have kept it so long. Is there any way you could display it more prominently? Perhaps in a shadow box with a photo of your son as a child (maybe even holding the bear!), or else on a shelf that you see regularly. If you still feel the desire to part with it, you can take a photo of it and keep that somewhere special. And know that items are powerful triggers of memories for us, which is sometimes reason to keep them and other times reason to part with them. Check out my video about me purging my sewing kit to see the emotional impact that items can have on us (*note, I did end up using the lace mentioned in a craft for my kids!). Would love to hear an update when you make a decision!

  2. Hi Cheryl , I must compliment you on your stories. They are truly interesting and a worthwhile read, or watch. I have a friend in Simcoe who thinks along the same way as you do. I try but not always successful to de clutter . Al would always advise his clients to do your advice in the kitchen.
    I always read or listen to your commentaries , always refreshing. Keep doing what your doing.

    Linda Zorgel

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