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Here’s a quick overview of the closet that JF and I share. We try to keep a fairly simple wardrobe, keeping pieces that we enjoy and wear on a regular basis. There’s no “right amount” of clothing, that is a personal choice based on your own preferences, space limitations, and lifestyle. We try to donate/repurpose anything worn out or that doesn’t fit anymore, as well as pieces that no longer fit our stage of life or circumstances (i.e. a maternity top when I am no longer pregnant). I don’t go into detail of all my clothing but what you see includes all of my workout/exercise clothing, and all of my more “regular” clothing, excluding undergarments and pyjamas – the same goes for JF’s side of the closet. Here are my 3 tips for how to keep your wardrobe simple and enjoy a tidier closet in the process!

1. Keep it visual. By keeping most of our clothing exposed it is easier to keep track of what we have. It’s easier to keep it organized and it streamlines the time it takes to get ready in the mornings. Lastly, it keeps clothes from wrinkling and allows for more floor space in our bedroom by not having too many dressers.

2. Less is more. By keeping a minimal wardrobe, we find that we actually wear more of our clothing. Having more clothes doesn’t always mean more variety. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming having too many choices so we tend to wear what we’re comfortable with. Owning less clothing saves money by not constantly purchasing new clothes; it saves space in our closets and homes and it helps us not to dwell too much on what we are wearing. One major benefit of less clothing also means reduced laundry. Anthony Ongaro says that since reducing his wardrobe he has cut his laundry work time from a couple of hours to twenty minutes!

3. Use it or lose it. If there are things in your closet that don’t fit you today , they should be removed immediately. If they are clothes you really want to keep, store them outside of the rest of your clothes and set a date for when you need to be wearing them by. If you want a no-stress way to know if you should eliminate a piece from your wardrobe, try reversing all of your hangers for a period of time (one month is a good guideline, or less time if you want to have a more limited wardrobe). After you wear an item, return it with the hanger the other direction. By the end of your timeline you will be able to see instantly which pieces are not getting used. Check out our simplicity guide to your stuff if you want more help in reducing your wardrobe.

A couple of helpful and practical resources for keeping a simple wardrobe include Courtney Carver’s 7 Simple Truths about Dressing with Less and A Practical Guide to Owning Fewer Clothes by Joshua Becker.

We hope this provides you with some tips and inspiration to keep a simple wardrobe, ultimately giving you more time and money to do the things you love; plus, you’ll look great doing it!

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5 thoughts on “Minimalist Closet Tour

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks! It is clinique lipstick in “pink spice” with a bodyshop watermelon lip gloss overtop. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the tips! I organise my closet a little differently. I group sections of tshirts, shorts, jumpers and pants and hang up my shirts. I also have a small section to my cycling wear. I’m going to try the tip you gave about hanging everything though 🙂 One question, wear do you keep underwear, socks etc if you don’t hang them?

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, we each have a dresser. Cheryl uses the one you saw in our closet and I have one in our bedroom. Those are where we put our underwear, socks, pyjamas and my workout clothes.

      Have a great one!


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