2 Easy Steps to Happiness

In this video, we share with you a simple and yet very powerful technique. It has the potential to change your perspective, the way you look at every situation and how you feel about your circumstances.

Cheryl recently learned this concept reading a magazine and I came across it listening to the Brain Software podcast.

Have you ever said something like this “I have to go to work today” or “I have to cook dinner again”? Notice that when using “have to” in this way, your demeanour is usually low-spirited or even depressed. Now try “I get to go to work today” or “I get to cook dinner again”. This will certainly change your perspective. It puts a new spin on your situation.

You can take it even further by adding some reasoning after using “get to”. For example, “I get to go to work today because I have a job while others don’t”. Another example, “I get to go to school and learn new things to prepare for a bright future”.

2 Easy steps

1. Recognize when you’re using the “have to” statement. Catch yourself when you start saying or thinking it. Learning to recognize it is the first step in changing the habit.

2. Change it into a “get to” statement. Let this change resonate with you and add some positive reasoning in order to reinforce the your new statement.

It is simple but very effective! Give it a go and experiment with this technique, tell us about your experience and how this helped you! Share with us, we love to read your comments and learn from you.

Have a great day and be happy!

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One thought on “2 Easy Steps to Happiness

  1. I love this technique and have been using “I want to” in place of “should” and “have to” to effect this simple change. The change in intention is profound!

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