How to Lift Your Mood

Have you ever been in a situation that dragged you down and left you feeling heavy? We’ve all had those and it’s usually difficult to shake off the bad feelings. In the following video, I describe a small strategy that will show you how to lift your mood.

I like to call this strategy the human helium balloon. We all know how light a helium balloon is and you’ll use this mental image to make yourself feel lighter. This strategy combines effective breathing and visualization and much more since it uses your other senses.

Human Helium Balloon

When you start feeling the heaviness coming, pause what you’re doing and follow these steps.

1. Make the decision to use this strategy. Don’t try to rationalize your feelings and don’t wallow in them. Set your goal to feel better and remind yourself that choosing this path leads to building a good habit.

2. Clear your mind. Close your eyes if it helps (not while driving please). Begin to focus on the present, don’t try to figure out how you feel or why you feel this way. Just be. Feel the heaviness wherever it is in your body.

3. Imagine that you are a helium balloon. Imagine that you need to inflate yourself with each breath you take. As you breathe in, think of yourself getting lighter. You can even go on to your toes and lift your arms up as if you were going to take off. When you exhale, push out the heaviness – feel free to give the heaviness a colour.

Keep doing step 3 as a long as you need to get into a resourceful, lighter and happier mood. To get the most effective result, make the visualization as vivid as possible and make sure that you see through your own eyes, that is, you’re not watching a movie of yourself, you are in your own body. This will help you feel fully the lifting effect.

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