Important Goal Setting Concepts
Important Goal Setting Concepts

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It’s been difficult to stay motivated these last few days. I feel as though the hope I had all year has disappeared. Do you ever feel like this?

I have so many great ideas: building a life coaching business and getting clients. I want to write more articles for the website and I want to help publicize SimpleREV 2015. And then life happens!

Where do our goals come from?

My goals are all good and worthy but some important ones are missing from the list and they are not prioritized.

Make sure your goals are balanced and prioritized. Your goals must come from your beliefs and who you are. In my case I’m first and foremost a family man. Some of my goals associated with this are maintaining and building my relationship with Cheryl and the children, making sure I don’t get too exhausted from work and give my wife some time away from the kids. I’m also an entrepreneur, and I revamped the website, took some training and I’m thinking of product ideas meanwhile innovating at my full-time job. But there’s another area where I didn’t attend to my goals properly. I’m an athlete (far from being professional) and had not trained or run in over a month and now I’m paying for it. My back has been weak and now is sore (update: I’m feeling better and I just went for a run yesterday).

What if I see no progress?

Not all goals must be immediate. In fact lots of your goals should be beyond yourself, they should be challenging.

Set challenging goals and take action today. In order to reach long-term goals, you must set the direction. One way to accomplish this is to know what is the first step and take that step. You need to chunk down your goals until you find a step that can be taken today. Setting your goals in motion today, no matter how small the first step might be, will make it easier for you to reach your goals. And you will be surprised of how your mind will propel you towards the next step.

My first step today was to write this post. What will yours be?

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