3 types of hoarders

3 Types of Hoarders

Watch and learn about 3 types of hoarders. See if you identify with any of these and how you can learn to let go and find simplicity with your stuff. If you, or a loved one, struggle with hoarding to a greater degree, there is a great interview and resources on Joshua Becker’s website.

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Minimalism Update - October 2014

Minimalism Update – October 2014

JF and I just came back from SimpleREV which was an amazing experience! Inspired by the conference, I bring you my current thoughts on minimalism, what it means to me and how I am applying it in my life. Part of my update deals with a question posed by author Patrick Rhone, check out his article on Minimal Mac.

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Previous update: September 2014

Stuff can't fix everything

When Stuff Can’t Help You

Stuff can't fix everything

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Ever notice how when you have a need in your life, there is always someone trying to sell you something to fill it? Looking tired? Buy some makeup. Out of shape? Buy a gym membership. Bad hair day? Buy a hat. Well, maybe that last one is just for me but you get the idea. It seems such a pervasive idea that sometimes it even goes undetected, until we have left the Target with yet again $100 of “stuff” when we only went in for some milk — try not to buy milk the same place you can buy underwear, that will prevent this from happening again.

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Minimalist Sewing Box Purge

Minimalist Sewing Box Purge

Here is my minimalist opposite of a haul, a purge! Watch as I clean out my sewing kit, and see that sometimes reducing our things is very emotional [tweet this]. This will give you insights on how you can purge and organize a sewing box or similar containers and ideas for how you can keep the sentiment while minimizing your stuff.

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Minimalism update -September 2014

Minimalism Update

In this video, I share my current thoughts surrounding my minimalism journey. This adventure started about 6 months ago by reading books, searching the web and stumbling upon useful articles such as 15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family by Joshua Becker. As you’ll see in the video, I share some of my struggles along with tips to encourage in your journey.

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My Simple Christmas

Simplifying Your Playroom: Why Taking Away My Children’s Toys Doesn’t Make Me The Grinch

Thanks to Vanessa and Daniel Hayes of Simple Life Together for featuring a guest post from us. Go check it out and check out their fantastic podcasts full of practical and helpful information for simplifying your life.

In the fight against clutter there is an army that is hard to conquer. They’re big, noisy, relentless and… plastic. Yes, plastic. Parents can hardly remember a time when they could walk carefree through their living room without feeling like maneuvering through a minefield, calculating every step to avoid the painful *crunch* of a toy underfoot. But what are all of these toys and where did they come from? A more practical question still is how can we reduce them without causing a meltdown? Continue reading.