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The Myth of Minimalism

The Myth of Minimalism

The Myth of Minimalism

image courtesy of Dan / freedigitalphotos.net

When I first started down the path of minimalism, it was born from being overwhelmed by the chaos that surrounded me.
The chaos of toys, clothes, books, and stuff. Stuff everywhere.

Old things. New things. Red things. Blue things.

There was too much.

It crowded my space and it cluttered my mind.

And so I began the journey to simplicity. Sorting. Purging. Crying. Donating.

It was a long process that was both cathartic, liberating and stressful at times.

The less I had the less I realized I actually needed.

We’re over a year into our journey and I still feel overwhelmed at moments by the sheer volume of things a family of four (plus dog) can manage to accumulate.

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