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How to Lift Your Mood

How to Lift Your Mood

Have you ever been in a situation that dragged you down and left you feeling heavy? We’ve all had those and it’s usually difficult to shake off the bad feelings. In the following video, I describe a small strategy that will show you how to lift your mood.

I like to call this strategy the human helium balloon. We all know how light a helium balloon is and you’ll use this mental image to make yourself feel lighter. This strategy combines effective breathing and visualization and much more since it uses your other senses.

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Setting Goals - Get Smart

Setting Goals – Get Smart

Goals: we all know what they are but do we actually make a practice of setting, and working towards them, in our lives? Watch this video to learn how to set SMART goals and how to increase your chances of achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Leave us a comment with a goal that you’ve set for yourself for the week, month, or year ahead.

Not sure if your goals are relevant? Read Read 5 Ways to Find Yourself.

Great goals aim for progress, not perfection. Watch this video to learn how to Rethink Perfection.

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