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Sonic Speed Cupboard Clean

Sonic Speed Cupboard Clean

Just because I try to keep a simple home doesn’t mean I am immune to clutter. Organizing isn’t a one-time deal, it requires daily maintenance and sometimes a mini do-over if you haven’t been keeping it tidy. Watch as I remove, clean, and rearrange everything in my “catch-all” cupboard in the kitchen.

First step is to pick where you want to organize/simplify. Next step is to remove everything, yes, even if it means jumping up and down to see the back of the cupboard like I had to. Then it’s time to wipe down the shelves. Then I went through the items and decided if there was anything that needed to be moved to another location or thrown out. I didn’t have much to remove because I had already done a purge of the cupboard once.

After that comes what I call the “fun”. Finding a place to put things back. Since the last system obviously wasn’t working for me (otherwise I would have maintained it better) I decided to try to put things back differently the second time. I put things I rarely use (once a week or less) on the top shelf, things that are used but not necessarily daily on the middle shelf, and my daily-use or things I need quick access to on the first shelf. I Hope you enjoy watching this and let me know which space tends to become cluttered for you.

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