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Date your Mate

Date your Mate!

Dating doesn’t end with “I do”, rather, spending time alone as a couple is an important part of staying connected. Watch this video to see how we like to keep dating a part of our marriage and how you can too! Go and date your mate! [tweet this]

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Welcome to Revive!

Here’s our first video post telling you a little more about us and Revive.

Do you want more out of life? Through our unique experience we are learning how to get more out of life by simplifying. Our goal is to challenge and help you to eliminate the excess to leave room for excellence.

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Towards Simplicity

Towards Simplicity

Towards Simplicity

Living a simple life is gaining ground in society today; from the mothers who grow some of their families’ food in a backyard garden, to the employees who bike to work to reduce their carbon footprint.  We are aware of the impact our choices have not only for ourselves but also our communities and the earth.  But what does living simply really mean and how can we implement it in our lives today?  That is where we hope to come alongside you in your journey to a simple life, answering questions you have and providing practical help in order to create your ideal, simple life.

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