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Leaving The Hero Complex Behind

Leaving the Hero Complex Behind

Leaving The Hero Complex Behind

Superman’s suit worn by Christopher Reeve. Photo taken at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

I remember being 6 years old running on my home’s wrap-around porch and suddenly opening my Spring jacket pretending to be Superman. Then I would run back inside and ask my mom to snap my jacket back up so I coould do it all over again. You see, most of the time I felt more like Clark Kent than Superman. Growing with a disability, I felt fragile and was very dependent on others but imagining I was Mr. Kent gave me hope of becoming a hero.

As I got older, I got stronger and more confident. I developed a strong sense of responsibility, a love for helping people and fixing problems. You might say that those are noble traits, and for the most part you’d be right. These character traits helped me stay out of trouble, gave me purpose and shaped me into a dependable person. But I also developed a hero complex.

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